The personal watercraft market is exploding!

MonoJet is positioned to capitalize not only on the explosion in the number of personal watercraft but on the popularity and growth of extreme sports and surfing. Consider these facts:

  • The MonoJet is expected to enjoy wide acceptance in the water sports and recreation fields worldwide.
  • PWC constituted more than one-third of all new recreational boats sold in 1997, representing $1.2 billion in sales, according to a study published by the National Transportation Safety Board in 1998.
  • Well over 1 million PWC were in operation in 1998* with PWC sales running about 200,000 units per year on models ranging in cost from $4,799 to $9,399.
  • Personal watercraft use is one of the few activities that can boast an annual growth rate exceeding 20% per annum over the past 10 years.
  • Since 1990, the personal watercraft share of the U.S. powerboat market has doubled.
  • Monojet lends itself to the fast-growing "Extreme Sports" category, the sports that have attracted huge television, print, sponsorship and event attendance in the past two years.
  • Surfing is also experiencing phenomenal growth. Today there are over 20 million surfboarders throughout the world.
  • These is already a prime target audience of some 60 million water-skiing, jet skiing, wake-skiing and surfing devotees, as well as future seekers of water-focused adventure.
  • Cross-over audiences from snow boarders and snow skiers to jet surfing will naturally be attracted to the MonoJet.
  • Unlike any other PWC, virtually all the horsepower-output is delivered and measured at the jet pump, which makes the MonoJet the fastest and most fuel-efficient watercraft in terms of speed to horsepower ratio (1.8:1). In other recent PWC models the speed to horsepower ratio is less than 0.5:1.
  • The MonoJet can be used by both sexes at almost any age.

* The first commercially successful personal watercraft, the Jet Ski was introduced by Kawasaki in 1974. Most PWC sales are controlled by five companies --Kawasaki, Yam aha (Wave Runner), Polaris, bombardier (Sea-Doo), and Arctic Cat, Inc./Tiger Shark. Those companies actively market between 30 and 40 different models designed for one, two, or three persons.


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