Now is the time!

Timing is everything in marketing. There is no better time to launch a new, sleek, futuristic cutting edge jet surfboard than when water sports are enjoying an exponential climb in popularity and the most sought after sports in the world in terms of television exposure, participation and spectators are the extreme sports. The MonoJet is customized for this time and market place.

The Monojet allows the rider to enjoy the surfing experience and develop advanced surfing skills without any wave action. (Many of the worlds most popular year round beach resorts and recreation areas are void of suitable wave conditions for surfing.)

In surfing areas, riders can search out natural wave action, which may be beyond reefs, power out to the waves then cut or control the power to perform natural surfing maneuvers.

Few products know no boundaries in terms of sex demographics or geography, even fewer are exciting enough to attract the public and media trend setters to enjoy them and in turn generate massive media exposure and sales.

Few products have genuine inherent sizzle. Too often marketers have to create a sizzle out of nowhere in order to sell the steak. This is one of the few products where the steak is the sizzle.

  • The MonoJet is expected to be widely accepted in the water sports and recreation field worldwide.
  • The Monojet is a viable alternative to jet skiing, windsurfing, wake-boarding and traditional wave surfing.
  • The Monojet will capitalize not only on the recent explosion in the number of PWC but also on the popularity and growth of extreme sports and surfing.
  • The Monojet will also attract the natural crossover appeal of jet surfing to snow boarders and snow skiers.

MonoJet is standardized and production ready! But it takes millions of dollars to bring a product like the MonoJet to market. Consequently, we are looking for serious partners/investors who share our vision and wish to play a significant role in the manufacturing process and in bringing the MonoJet to market. If you are such a person, please contact us.


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