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The MonoJet is normally operated from a stand up, surfer stance position or by kneeling, sitting or lying flat on the board. The throttle is operated by hand while riding in any position.

The craft's non-directional jet drive system achieves an optimum center of gravity moment due to the rider's ability to apply the pivot point at various positions on the board as is the case with traditional surfboards. Its low center of gravity and engine placement contributes to its superior performance and maneuverability.

The MonoJet design allows the rider to maneuver even at low speeds from the stand-up position with excellent stability. To turn the MonoJet the rider needs only to lean in the desired direction and he glides into a carving turn much the same as a traditional surfer or water skier executes a turn. (A typical PWC utilizes mechanical steering devices and directed nozzles to turn their craft.)

Unlike all other personal watercraft presently on the market, the MonoJet is easy to mount and remount in deep water, since all the rider needs to do is slide on, in a laying-down position.

What sets the MonoJet apart from any other PWC are its technical innovations and functional design elements integrated into a hydrodynamic and aesthetically pleasing structural engineering solution. The MonoJet is a sleek high performance machine that is lightweight yet virtually indestructible. This well thought out technology provides for limitless application, design possibilities and customizations.

Although the MonoJet was designed with a solo rider in mind, it can take on an extra rider. Practically no learning curve makes the MonoJet accessible to riders without experience. It is easy to mount and ideal for leasing purposes

In rough and choppy water conditions, as well as heavy surf, salt water and sand, the board continues to perform while others are still trying to get the bugs out of theirs. MonoJet is a tough act to follow.


The board is equipped with a double-fail-safe engine cut-off assembly in the event of capsizing or if the rider falls off. Other safety features include a built in fire extinguisher compartment, the craft's low profile, an unbreakable skeg, a separate fuel compartment, and an efficient bilge pump system.

The standard pre-production MonoJet surfboards, which have been perfected through extensive testing over the past two decades, consist of hand-laid double-hull fiberglass construction, and are the approximate size and shape of traditional surfboards. The power plant is located mid-ship and the deck lid is secured with a unique locking assembly.

The standard model is nine feet long by 26 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches thick in the midsection and weighs 145 pounds without fuel. It is powered by an 18 horsepower water-cooled, two-cylinder, two-stroke engine with wet exhaust, one pull start a and solid state CDI system. The propulsion system consists of an axial flow, single stage jet pump.

Lighter and smaller models using the unique MonoJet system are in the process of fabrication.

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